Hello, Salve, مرحبا, and 你 好! My name is Kaitlin Bosch, UMW sophomore and future nutrition major. I’d like to formally welcome you to my online portfolio/blog.

You’re probably scratching your head a little bit at the title of this site– if you’re not familiar with infinite monkey theorem that is. To put it concisely, IMT states that if one were to put a theoretically infinite number of monkeys at a theoretically infinite number of keyboards and had them randomly pound on the keys, somewhere one of those monkeys is bound to recreate every work of Shakespeare in chronological order without a single typo. Crazy right?

Sometimes I feel like a monkey at a keyboard… maybe if I keep typing for long enough I’ll come up with something ingenious.

Thus, I have created this blog where you can read my musings and ramblings along with actual completed and critiqued works. You’ll notice that quite a bit of the content on this site is geared towards internet function and culture, as I’m currently taking a computer science course called– you guessed it– The Internet. That being said, it is also my portfolio and I will be publishing my favorite papers that have nothing (or very little) to do with the internet at all.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

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