Light and Gold

I think I want to make a post just to wrap up my thoughts for creation/consumption week.

Something about the whole “three wolf moon” argument that we had in class the other day has really got me thinking. Sure, there are a lot of people that spend a lot of time on the internet consuming information and products, and maybe it’s gotten to the point that the consumers exponentially outnumber the producers. But I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing at all.

The internet works in the exact same way as a capitalist economy– where there is demand, supply will be created, and in some cases, a supply will create a demand as new things become more and more popular. By that logic, consumers become creators in that they create the demand for content and for new products. Without consumers, there would be no platform for creation.

But one thing I definitely notice about internet culture is that there’s really no precedent or limitations for who can create content. Thus, we see a diverse representation of artistic/creative viewpoints that can be shared with people of all backgrounds. The infinite possibilities for new content inspires creativity in others that would not necessarily have pursued art (in whatever form) in a non-virtual setting. Most importantly, the internet has provided the platform, the how-to knowledge, the collaborators, and the cheapest available materials for people to attempt to bring their ideas to life. And with that you get videos like the one above, where you need nothing but built-in laptop webcams, basic video editing software, and 100 or so volunteers from around the globe to create a beautiful choir made up entirely of strangers.

Tl;dr, Even though a lot of the internet is made up of people who do nothing but instagram the waffles they had for breakfast, every so often you’ll get a little gem of creative genius like this that restores your faith in humanity and all its possibilities.

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